Why Customers Love Boutique Hotels

Despite an ever-increasing market of alternative accommodation providers, boutique hotels are seeing a healthy growth rate versus the standard hotel chains. We believe this reflects the unique nature of boutique hotels to offer something truly personal and special – and guests agree with us.

We’ve rounded up a few sentiments that are driving the trend towards demand for boutique hotels.

A Personal Touch

A personalised service matters. Guests paying a premium rate are indicating a wish to receive a certain level of friendliness and warmth. They want to be treated as a friend by owners and staff, not just another customer. More than anything else, guests are looking for hoteliers who go ‘above and beyond’ in their service.

Details Matter

Attention to details is very important. Guests want their experience to be tailored to their specific preferences. Choosing a boutique hotel is a sign that they wish to have a degree of control over major aspects of their stay. Pay attention to a customer’s preferences. A host that remembers whether a guest prefers still or sparkling water in their room will find guests returning again and again.

Personal Relationships

Guests prefer the more personal relationships with owners and staff that the boutique hotel experience offers. These relationships are a powerful contributor to the enjoyment of some guests. Maintaining a level of trust over time will result in repeat custom, and endorsements from your guests to their friends and family.

What’s Your Story?

Boutique hotels that tell a story will ensure guests return for more. A long history of family ownership or a historic building can add to the romance of the holiday. Alternatively, some guests prefer the contemporary chic styling that some boutique hotels excel at. Perhaps you can offer an unforgettable experience to your guest, such as luxurious private transportation.

While not an exhaustive list, all of these factors help explain the trend towards boutique hotels as a holiday choice. Are you presenting these unique propositions to your guests?