Based in London, Chic Retreats is a curated collection of independent hotels, villas and B&B’s. We work alongside our partners to promote you, your story and the passion behind your property that makes it so unique.

Currently with over 700 extraordinary properties, Chic Retreats offer their collection a compelling digital solution, enabling independent hoteliers to tell their story and open their inventory across a series of digital channels, not often made accessible to smaller hotels.

Constantly growing, evolving and innovating, we drive online bookings and send our partners targeted, qualified guests.



£550 Average value per booking

2.38 Average nights per booking

50% Female / 50% Male

Traffic to Chic Retreats Website:

70% UK  
5% US  
5% Italy  
2% France  
2% Germany
2% Spain  
14% Rest of World



75% Partners

10% Groups

8% Families

7% Single Occupancy