Chic Retreats & The Independent Hotel Show unveil 'the perfect hotel bedroom' report

City chic, mood lighting and locally-produced snacks in the minibar are some of the preferences of the modern hotel guest, with the big spenders preferring wooden floors over carpet. Consumers are indifferent when it comes to having roll top baths in the bedroom and a handwritten note from the hotel manager has little impact.

Based on a survey of nearly 2,000 consumers, the Independent Hotel Show has compiled a report, presented by Chic Retreats, which analyses what elements of a hotel bedroom make today’s leisure and business travellers happy, feel indifferent and what leaves them feeling cold.

Bringing the report to life at the Independent Hotel Show will be ‘The Perfect Hotel Bedroom’, an installation based on the survey findings built by Harriet Forde Design in collaboration with exhibitors at the show including The Fine Linen Company, Wychwood Furniture and the Lighting Design Studio.

Key findings from the report include:

-       57% of respondents prefer carpet over wooden floors, but the ‘big spenders’, who spend more than £300 on a room, prefer wooden floors

-       Floor-to-ceiling French door style windows are favoured by 86% of respondents compared with smaller sash style windows

-       City chic is preferable to country house

-       Tightly tucked sheets are considered preferable to duvets by the ‘aspiring upwards’ who spend £200-£300, but even for those spending more, duvets are only marginally more popular

-       Free Wi-Fi is the most important piece of technology

-       A note from the hotel manager is unpopular with the ‘big spenders’ whilst the aspiring upwards are especially fond of locally-produced snacks in the minibar

To read the full report analysis of the survey results, pick up a copy at the Independent Hotel Show or READ HERE.