The Chic Checklist for hoteliers to get more promotion and bookings

1. Hotel Page - We have made many improvements but please check it to ensure we have your updated information, room images, hotel facilities and room amenities.

2. Inspirations - If you believe your hotel should feature in a specific 'Inspiration' then please get in contact with

3. Chic Treats - If you have something small and unique to you can offer to Chic guests then please let us know. This makes the stay truly special and unique for our Chic guests and enables us to give extra promotion to the hotels who provide them.

4. Promotions - Please ensure we have your latest offers, these will enable us to promote you more effectively. Only hotels with current promotions will be considered for our ‘Hotel of the Week’ slot.

5. Press/ Influencers- Let know if you are willing to host press and influencers to gain publicity - we will only forward you quality contacts with confirmed coverage.

6. Competitions & Charity Prizes- We run promotions with a range of high-quality brands and charities, providing participating hotels significant profile raising in exchange for complimentary nights as part of the prize package.

7. Host of the Week - If you have an interesting owner story and you would like to be considered for 'Host of the Week' in 2018 please contact Each 'Host of the Week' gets a mini-campaign which focuses on their unique story and property.

8. Move from a ‘Request’ to a ‘Book Now’ hotel - Moving to live bookings will mean your hotel is included in marketing channels it otherwise cannot be, which will result in more bookings. Please note we plan to remove request hotels from the site during 2018.

If you are a hotel on our request platform please contact as soon as possible to move over to managing your inventory either with Chic Retreats on our extranet or one of the seven channel managers we are connected to: Vertical Booking, Rategain, Availpro, Hermes, Blastness, Siteminder and Synxis.

Please see our latest hotelier partnership packages as you may wish to change the package you are on to benefit from our improvements.

Chic Retreats & The Independent Hotel Show unveil 'the perfect hotel bedroom' report

Chic Retreats & The Independent Hotel Show unveil 'the perfect hotel bedroom' report

Based on a survey of nearly 2,000 consumers, the Independent Hotel Show has compiled a report, presented by Chic Retreats, which analyses what elements of a hotel bedroom make today’s leisure and business travellers happy, feel indifferent and what leaves them feeling cold.  Read on to download the full report.

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