“Chic Retreats understand that we are very small and seasonal, with only six rooms, so we need a partner to draw the customers we want, when we want them.  We are very happy with the type of guests that come from Chic Retreats.”

- Sarah Marano, La Cuccagna

Umbria, Italy
ROI: 800%

131 Cheltenham

“We partner with Chic Retreats because I’m one of their customers and when I go abroad I’m looking for something that’s unique and different and has that extra bit of love.”

– Julian Dunkerton, The Lucky Onion

Cotswolds, UK
ROI: 80% (within 2 months)



J.K. Place

“Chic Retreats do something that is a little different from the others, true specialists, resulting in real partnership.”

- Claudio Meli, J.K. Place

Florence, Italy


Canal House, Amsterdam
"Chic Retreats provide access to online platforms that are not often made available to smaller, independent hotels.  They also offer a level of service that is efficient and personable - a reflection of our own standards of service as a hotel group."
- James Semenowycz, A Curious Group of Hotels
UK, France, The Netherlands
ROI: 320% (L'Hotel),  220% (Cowley Manor)

Hotel Heritage, Bruges
"Hotel Heritage is a 'Chic Retreat', you enter the world of 19th century charm and elegance and let yourself be taken away by this peaceful 'Retreat', so we both share what we are selling and the experience we create"
- Mrs Creytons, Hotel Heritage
Bruges, Belgium
ROI: 710%

Riad El Mezouar

“I recommend Chic Retreats for smaller boutique properties as it’s a simple way to increase guests and manage inventory in one place.  I’m always happy with their personal service and eager to benefit as they continue to innovate and extend their services”.  

- Romaine Lancaster, Riad El Mezouar

Marrakech, Morocco

ROI: 71%