About Us

Based in London, Chic Retreats is a curated collection of independent hotels, villas and B&B’s. We work alongside our partners to promote you, your story and the passion behind your property that makes it so unique.

Currently with over 1000 extraordinary properties, Chic Retreats offer their collection a compelling digital solution, enabling independent hoteliers to tell their story and open their inventory across a series of digital channels, not often made accessible to smaller hotels.

Born out of my passion for unique, independent properties, Chic Retreats is a travel lifestyle brand dedicated to uncovering exceptional hotels around the world. The antidote to hours trawling bland, generic travel websites, Chic Retreats presents a carefully curated portfolio of properties for the most discerning travellers.


From intimate B&Bs to stylish boutique hotels and design-led accommodation, each property offers a generous dose of charm as well as meticulous attention to  details. We believe that what makes a hotel special is not its stars or rosettes, or whether there is a mini bar in the room, but the passionate people behind it, its unique concept and the lasting memories it creates. Our hotels tend to be run by the owners and are therefore ‘labours of love’.


These authentic places are ones you recommend to friends and seek to return to many times. They are the places that are defined by something rare and precious, by the impression they leave behind and the emotion they provoke.

Story of the Swallow

The Chic Retreats ‘Swallow’ brand icon conveys the idea of frequent international travel to ‘homes from home’… Swallows have a worldwide cosmopolitan distribution, occurring on every continent except Antarctica. Many species have enormous worldwide ranges; they breed over most of the Northern Hemisphere and winter over most of the Southern Hemisphere. The sight of the swallow indicates that summer is on the way, and the swallow that flies into your home will bring considerable good fortune according to English folklore.

“We partner with small hotels to tell their unique story and the experience they offer, giving them unparalleled online exposure, leaving them time to focus on what they do best, being a host.”
Georgia Panteli, CEO, Chic Retreats

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