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Join a unique, handpicked selection of charming boutique hotels, villas, B&Bs and guesthouses from around the world

  • Since launching in 2002, we have used our expert knowledge of luxury and boutique hotels to curate the world’s best Chic Retreats.
  • Our digital marketing expertise draws attention to your hotel from visitors worldwide.
  • We pay close attention to industry trends and innovations to provide the very best service to our partners.

“Indispensable if you are looking for small and punchy properties ahead of the crowd”

Melinda Stevens, Editor, Condé Nast Traveller

“Still the definitive collection of small smart hotels”

Richard Alleman, Travel Editor, American Vogue

Ready to welcome the guests that your hotel deserves?

We know who our boutique guests are and what their needs, interests and preferences are. This means we can match you with guests who suit your property perfectly.

Increase bookings

We are on a mission to bring you consistent bookings from the right customers. We market your hotel via our SEO-optimized website, blogs, newsletters, press coverage, social media channels, Chic Retreats Book, Metachannels, and paid search marketing.

We are on a growth path

We have the financial and technical backing to significantly grow in the next few years. Venture Capital funding enables us to innovate and refine what we do to grow our specialist boutique hotel platform.

Meet The Team

Amir Azulay - CEO @ Chic

“To travel is to live and to me there is no better way to travel than to visit boutique hotels, to meet the hosts and hear their stories, to be inspired by what made them fall in love with their hotel. To gain insights about the area and the hidden gems only the locals know. These amazing, experiential hotels have been under-serviced by the industry for far too long and it is our mission to build the technology, coupled with optimised content and superior service that will provide these wonderful places with the platform they need to connect online with the most discerning travellers from around the world. ”

Lulu Townsend - Founder of Chic Retreats

“ Every hotel has a story and the best stories shine through the passion of boutique hotel owners. This is how I started Chic Retreats, by sharing the story, hard work and passion behind my parents hotel in Umbria. My aim was to create a stage where luxury boutique hotels would have a voice, one which could be heard and listened to by an audience of discerning travellers.The time has arrived for an enhanced end-user and hotelier experience and Chic Retreats is the only platform to be able to offer this.

Tima Bouqdour - Hotel Partnership Manager @ Chic Retreats

“ It’s very exciting to work in such a passionate and friendly industry, that is also fast-paced and dynamic. I’m fortunate that at Chic Retreats I meet and speak to hoteliers from all over the world, that genuinely love what they do, and want to share their hospitality and their beautiful hotels to the guests who visit them. It is a great honour to be able to work with the hotels and their teams, and promote them to our wonderful guests who always return with fond memories. 

Claudia Salvatore - Head of Hotel Partnerships @ Chic Retreats

“ My passion for travel, cultures, lifestyle, languages and unique experiences has taken me to Chic Retreats where everyday is different. You’ll find me mostly travelling to different countries, meeting new people and discovering new places. What I love about my job is that I provide the opportunity to all our boutique hotel clients to experience exactly the same. 

Chic Report

What is a boutique or lifestyle hotel? How do we quantify or qualify it?

Read this report from our partner The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) for a clear overview of what defines a boutique hotel in 2017.


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